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Product name : Sumitomo Fiber Optic Cleaver FC-6S
Item : 2014625181637
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FC- 6S Fiber Optica Cleaver is a new generation product ,it's extremely light and reliable cleaver for the construction of optical network , Designed for excellent portability, the FC- 6S is ideal for FTTx applications. The attached hexagonal wrench on the bottom allow you adjust cleaver anytime and everywhere.

Fiber typesingle fiber, ribbon fiber
Cleaver angle capability <0.5°
Fiber Diameter: 125um
Coating Diameter: 250~900um
Cleaver Angle: 90 +/- 0.5
Cleaver Length: Single fiber 9~16mm
Blade Lifetime: 36000 cleaves
Dimensions: 85(W) *64(D) *63(H) mm
Weight: 412g

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