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Product name : ASAT-002 Aerial Fiber Access Terminal Closure
Item : 201958155816
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Wellsion ASAT-002 Aerial Fiber Access Terminal Closure integrates distribution and splitting in one, can realize the direct fusion and branching of the optical cable, and is
suitable for the wiring connection in the optical communication equipment. Through the adapter and jumper to bring in the signal to
realize optical distribution function, it is also suitable for fiber optic cables and pigtail protective connection; the unique three-tier
design of the box body can be used as a fiber splitter or splice box; the flip board can be flipped≥180°,it is more convenient to
install the box or maintenance. If remove the board, it can bed as a splice closure to meet different choices.

            Model: ASAT-002A                                  Model: ASAT-002L                             Model: ASAT-002S

The product is made of high-quality impact resistant plastic and has a standard user interface that can be re-opened.
Can accommodate two 1x8 PLC splitter LGX module or steel tube type;
Anti-ultraviolet,anti- impact and waterproof function;
Unique flip board, flip angle ≥ 180 °, fusion area and distribution area is more obvious, reducing the cable crossing;
Fiber optic cable can go in and out of the box without cut the cable.

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