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Product name : Fiber Optic Mini Closure
Item : 201775161329
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WSMN series Horizontal outdoor Fiber Optic Enclosure adopts high toughness,high rigidity, high-quality PC material, exquisite workmanship,with superb sealing performance and mechanical stability, to ensure outdoor cable splice stability,unimpeded successive.Innovative closure design for Planar Lightwave Circuit  Splitter (PLC splitter )and fiber cable splicing.

Features & Specifications:                                                      
  • Up-down bisection, horizontal type
  • PC material, strong and anti-impact
  • 2pcs inlet/ 2 pcs outlet 
  • The diameter of the ports are 6mm / 20mm
  • Elastic integrated seal ensure tightening fit
  • Housing provide waterproof, and quakeproof for splices while handling
  • 12or 24 cores total capacity, max 2 trays
  • Operating Temperature: -40~+55 ℃
  • Humidity: ≤95% (+40℃)  Air pressure: 70kPa—106kPa
  • Dimension: 210mm*200mm*40mm  Weight:704g

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